Our unexpected guests. Top: either a Baltimore or Orchard Oriole. First time I had ever seen one. According to bird counting charts, none had been seen in our area. I had three pairs all summer. I was never able to get a shot of the bright orange males.

Center: American Kestrel. He visited regularly; coming in the uncovered soffit vents. He became almost gentle. He would sit on the window sill and let me pick him up to be released outside.

Bottom: The Barn Owl only visited once but left a lasting impression, at least on one of the HVAC installers. He came running out of the attic, screaming, "Something tried to get me". I got my gloves and went up expecting to find my Kestrel friend. This guy was anything but friendly. This photo was taken between attempts to latch onto my arm with his beak. He was screaming like an eagle.

We have also had a pair of green parrots eating the seeds off the sunflowers. I had seen them a few years ago. There were three then.