January 8, 2001   Notice the ice storm prompted us to plug the windows with the cutouts. The sunshine was mighty welcome!

The lower photo shows the upstairs bedroom. The plans called  for 2 five foot dormers; 1 each in the bedroom and the attic. I opted for 1 ten foot in the bedroom. That added 80 sq ft of usable space. The doorway on the left of the bedroom opens to the attic. If I had thought ahead and installed an egress window in the east gable, the attic could become livable space. I'm not sure but maybe it could anyway as long it is not a sleeping area. The 2x4 on the wall is the future roof line.

The attic floor is 12 feet wide from the bedroom to the gable. The gable peak is 15 feet high. Just enough room for a regulation height basketball goal!