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The Sub-Contractors

I didn't use many sub-contractors. Here are the ones I recommend and don't recommend. No particular order.

Honea Plumbing
Godley, Texas
Arrived as promised, stayed until he finished. I particularly liked the fact that all underground copper was insulated, hot and cold. As building progressed, all stub outs were in line with the walls. All toilet flanges were dead on as far as spacing from walls. I had one small seep 2 years later. He came out the same day I called and repaired it at no charge.

Hilley Concrete
Joshua, Texas
They did the house, shop and garden shed slabs and the driveway and sidewalks. They were very level and absolutely square. A SIP is twenty-four feet long. Low spots would show easily. I don't know what else to say other than they were very easy to work with. His workers were always cheerful. It was obvious they enjoyed their jobs.

Squires Masonry Contracting
Godley, Texas
A case where the owner is the most skilled and productive worker. This means he has little time to oversee employees. He had trouble keeping laborers. The other bricklayers were not quite so meticulous as the owner. I'm also "picky" so the average person would not notice the little differences in their work and his.

D. Bassett Roofing
Arlington, Texas
This owner was not part of the crew. He was on the job frequently but not a worker. The roof was done during the busy roofing season. Most of the crew were employees but some were subs. It was easy to determine who was who. The employees were, well, better roofers.

Jerry Calahan Drywall
Cleburne, Texas
This guy's estimating skills are unbelievable. He estimated 400 sheets of drywall. It only took 396. He had a large crew, the proper tools and equipment and the know-how. He was also easy to work with. We made some small changes that didn't even slow them down.

Cabinet Concepts
Joshua, Texas
The two owners are hands-on; measuring, estimating and building. Few cabinetmakers would build with pine; it scratches and dents too easily. These guys did a great job and actually gave us more than we expected.

Baker Overhead Doors
Arlington, Texas
Sadly, Mr. Baker has passed away. He was a true gentleman.
He had replaced the doors at our Arlington house years before. I bought the door from him and installed it myself. He was very helpful and included more than enough hardware to install it.

Air Control Heat & Air
Burleson, Texas
Not recommended. I had written a lot here but my wife convinced me to delete it.


Final thought

Perhaps it is only a coincidence that most of the recommended subs had their name in the company name. Maybe I just like to gripe but it is a shame that there is more to say about the problem subs than the skilled workers who perform their jobs to high standards day in and day out. Hopefully they will receive their just rewards for a lifetime of honorable toil. Hats off to you gentlemen.