This was a new saber saw blade. It was used to cut across one 7 inch plank of Witex laminate. I don't know if there is any metal in them but in low light sparks come off a carbide circular saw blade.
Moisture resistance We had a small water leak (seep) in a wall near a door. I know the floor was wet for two weeks. That is how long it took to locate the leak. I pulled it up, turned it over and let the pad dry while the leak was repaired. I re-installed it; no damage.

House plant with a malfunctioning hygrometer; it was stuck on dry. My wife kept watering the plant. Since it was sitting in a woven basket, she couldn't see the saucer(?) under the pot was overflowing. It was wet long enough that the basket bottom rotted. No floor damage. We discovered it when the plant was moved to make way for the Christmas tree.

Surface damage I did finally manage to damage the surface. I had stored a garage door opener in the attic. As I carried it down the stairs, the bottom of the box opened up. The motor unit went cart wheeling down the stairs. The last bounce was from about waist high. A square corner of some part made an indention about an inch long and maybe a sixteenth deep in the flooring. The motor kept rolling and did put a large indention in the base board by the hall door.

.If you have read this much, you know I have a home office. Desk is on the west wall, computer on the north, and fax and credit card machine on the east. I make many trips daily across the room in my office chair. The wear pattern (predicted by many) is nonexistent.

I realize I must sound like a company rep but I am just really impressed with this stuff. Something may happen and I change my mind tomorrow. Until then, I'm a happy customer.