Not visible is the joint of two panels under the bottom chord of the strongback.
The rod is actually 1/2". The strap is inserted into the routed recess in the right 2x8 and bolted tight. With adhesive and nails, the 2x8s are joined. Not shown is a 1 inch hole in the left 2x8 for the bolt head. After adhesive is applied to the panel recesses, the panels are pulled together. We used several cargo straps.

After the panels were placed across the walls, the trusses were put in place. The straps were inserted into routed slots in the truss bottom chord. Then the hole was drilled in the top chord directly over the strap. The second 90 degree bend in the hook wasn't formed until the rod was inserted into the strap. A short piece of 1/2" pipe over the end of the rod finished the hook.